Текст песни Glass Tides - Atypical

Оригинальный текст песни Atypical

Bleeding out while I’m in doubt
Dillousional but it’s critical
Everybody’s synicle
I’m just atypical
Loosing face, depreciate
My frame of mind isn’t visible
But it’s unforgivable
Left alone & miserable

Restless and hopeless
Breathing but sinking
I’m not good enough for you
Screaming in silence
Fighting with violence
It’s the fear that kept me
Holding on to you

Was it the words I wouldn’t say
I saw the dark you couldn’t see
But you kept reaching endlessly
Loosing touch with reality
Have I lost the side of me
That wants to feel you next me
Left in my own company
Why don’t I don’t feel anything