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Can I go back to where I messed up

So I don’t have to cut my hair and change the way that I dress
Was it ever to impress to feel blessed or just keep me depressed
Yeh They won I was a soldier with a ray gun
Sent to devastate oh no no no
Everything in my way oh no no no

Talk again, I will never talk again
I won’t say a word until I know what is happening
And if they’re gonna let me win
Will they ever let me win?

Be the same, I will never be the same
I will pack my bags and forever I will leave this place
Unless they let me win
Will they ever let me win?


It’s done cut my hair so I won’t recognize my face when I look into the mirror I won’t be complacent
With that poisonous high school mentality oh no no no
I set on a self-destructive path completely littered in drugs and self-medication
I Started hanging out with friends that only like me half the time

They won’t take me seriously
Cause they’ve seen it before and they know what it means
I’m in the back dressed in black
I’m not making a scene
I’ll disappear into the walls so easily

Альбом II

Graduating Life - II

Дата релиза: 09.07.2021

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