Текст песни Hideous Divinity - Actaeon

Оригинальный текст песни Actaeon

I see the recollection against the tides of dying suns
The cone of the existence forced and raped in doubled lines
Down where I belong

Eyes to seek, eyes to steal what lives and bleeds
Hiding, hunting beauty until the climax of the hunt
Royal Hunt!

The dogs are loose now they run as one,
on the trail of scent obey my commands
They gut!

Lead your way into the forest
Do not fear the grace, the beauty waiting on your path
You are here to gut. Obey your instinct and gut.

This is what you are /
I ran for the kill
Why am I running now? /
More and more light on my feet
This is what you are /
The dogs barking around me are my army no more

More and more light on your feet,
More and more flesh for the beasts,
In their eyes now reflects something I cannot tell
In their mouth my flesh crawls, but this is not me

Each and every bite a ripple in time
divide, reunite, collide
Slaughtered in front of my own eyes!

Be sure every mouth is fed,
be sure again and again

The dogs are loose again. I witness my own fall.

Embalm the hero, gather your faith
The device warps pain throughout space -
In a timeless bleeding lean against the dead tree
that pierces the frame
My eyes cannot look past.

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Hideous Divinity - Simulacrum

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