Текст песни Hideous Divinity - Bent Until Fracture

Оригинальный текст песни Bent Until Fracture

Frustrated, avulsed trajectory, a relentless spiral
Once the faithless betrays his seed the wheel turns
The fracture burns again, the inner rival

More copies to engender
To fertilize
Evoke the loop with a soulless grin
Mask my pain in transmission through time and space
A leap of faith for the vicious debris
Exalted by the void inside

Taking over holy spaces of woe
Restrain myself out of the anguish I covet
Unbridled visions of hate
Of contradiction, illogic
About to stab me, my mortal eyes
To stab my soul

When the dream's broken, bent until fracture
Never to return

Bent until fracture
Shreds of simulacrum burning
Light up the sky, fall with no sound

Few of them escaped as fewer will want to
Exposed on the altar, relic of mankind

Never was, into white noise we bend
Nevermore, throughout deformity
Never was, reach out and recompose
Nevermore, never to touch the sky

Альбом Simulacrum

Hideous Divinity - Simulacrum

Дата релиза: 11.09.2019

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