Текст песни Off Road Minivan - You

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Don’t say that you want me
Darla broke along the waves
Said I need you but you’ve been gone so many years babe
If you chase me, it won’t do you any good
I’m a reckless girl saying “catch me if you can?”
I knew you would

You make the rest of us look bad, it’s true
There’s nothing quite like you
So hold your breath while I turn blue
There’s nothing, there’s nothing quite like you

Darla asked me would I wait
Now there’s yellow tape don’t know if you’ll expect me
I need ambulance to take me from this state
You’re a reckless girl saying I don’t need a man who doesn’t chase
You’re my madonna

Альбом Swan Dive

Off Road Minivan - Swan Dive

Дата релиза: 15.05.2020

Первый полноформатный студийный альбом альт-рок группы Off Road Minivan, который вышел 15 мая 2020 года.