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I am a light, I am alive --
A beating heart that never stops
If it wants to survive.
I am not alone.

I’ve given up, I’ve fallen down,
I’ve seen within, I’ve done without,
I am the sword in the stone.

I’m just like you -
I'm sentimental.
You - oh

We long - we long to fly
But we stand on the ground and look at the sky
Before the sun goes down, you and I
Gotta love right now.

Love right now!
We’re all stars meant to shine,
But we fall on our knees and wait for a sign.
Don't get caught on the wrong side of time --
Gotta love right now.
Love right now!

I hear the words; they swarm like flies.
Everybody's got your back with a fistful of knives.
You are not alone.
The animal is in your head.
It's hungry now: it always is.
And it's looking for a home.

I want your love right between my eyes.
And I want your love -- I want it right now.
I want it right now.

Альбом Love

Radio Free Universe - Love

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