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For someone with more convictions than most books bound in leather
I’ve found it pretty easy to amend one of my chapters
With this amazing trick I can make any distance jump
Logical or otherwise if I get a running start

I just lie to myself
It’s just as easy as that

Down at the western bar I studied the wood grain
And through each glass the detail in the counter lost its shape
Now that I’ve got this truth serum all pumping through my veins-
I can tell you very honestly that my vice and I aren’t chained

I just lied to myself
It’s just as easy as that

And if this lying has a consequence I’m sure I could say something that could change its tune
I didn’t know it- “I’m so sorry” is a personal favorite, that I’d really love to use

If all that goes up must come down how long do I have before I hit the ground.

Альбом A Portrait Of An Ugly Man

Remo Drive - A Portrait Of An Ugly Man

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