Текст песни Silent Generation - Represent

Оригинальный текст песни Represent

Ey yo, NFNC x SG 2021 you pussy motherfuckers
Prague beatdown represent
Step your fucking game up

Don’t try to fuck with us (nananananah)

You’re nothing but a bunch of fucking cunts
On the same shit
Pussy motherfucker cant speak my languegre
Nechci řešit
Všude samý fakin zmrdi pičo dem Pryč

shut your lips

Myslíš že to nejde česky
Tak se koukej vole, moje flow nikdy nespí
Chceš to říct tak to fakin řekni
Jestli ne tak si píčo sedni

Heavy music is my biz
Check out my perfect adlips
MY gutterals fuckin sick
Shit pops when I fuck your bitch
This shit finna snap your dick
Bassdrops straight from the abyss
This breakdown keep hittin' crisp
Everything we say is diss

So heavy you can’t benchpress
Your bones breakin' from the stress
You cannot handle the flex
Be humble you have been blessed

Welcome to our city piece of shit
If you don't fuck with us suck my dick
Prague brings fuckin' beatdown up this bitch
We shot fuckin' bullseyes while you miss