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come on

party till we die
abusing alcohol
today we get high
the total weed destruction

facekick with a smile
acending to the sky
give me the
magic mushrooms

gimme that s***
i inhale, i inhale it
lets get high
party till we die

lets get drunk
until, until this motherf***** gets down on his knees
afflicted by infirmity
spitting out, vomiting,
nothing left inside his body

this toxic secretion
polluting the ground
corrosion, contamination
destruction of the biotope

mother earth reacts
to this waste of her creation
the ground is shaking
you can feel a hard vibration

torn from the dream
back into reality
shockwaves from the underground
shifting the tectonic plates

we all know that the end is near
deceptive silence, harbringer of the fear
the withdrawl of the water should not
be interpreted as a surrender

sirens presage the symphony of devastation
kill all the remnants, swallow without hesetation
the titans are awaken
not here to take prisoners

on the
you can see
a big wave rising

is coming
get sober
the time is running

no weed left
we are prepared for this madness
no drugs left
highly motivated
we don't lose
the fight against mother nature
we don't care
if it's our last ride

grab your surfboard
we are ready to fight
running away
is a motherf***** disgrace
we are awaiting a heavy inpact
man by man, staying in the line

the liquid titan is crushing the beach
what a destruction, main goal is reached
there is no escape, there is no way out
pray to your gods and do it loud

but there is a badass group
calculating their next move

lighning up a blunt
surfboard in the other hand
looking straight into your eyes
this will be a big surprise

you can't beat us
you can't kill us
we survived in worst conditions
one more try
we deny
riding on the wave of terror

take this
you are just a fucking prick
this won't be our last day
this won't be our last wave

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Stillbirth - Strain Of Gods

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