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There is an elm outside of my window
The last one with all of its leaves
And with a burning shade of yellow
It’s calling out to me
That I can do anything that I want
But not everything all at once
And it doesn’t keep me up
But it makes me wonder if it’s worth it to even try

You can hideaway but only for so long

I don’t wanna walk this dirty road
But I cannot sit back and watch you go alone

Every day is another distraction
When how you see is through rectangle eyes
That’s all you need to keep the trust sedated
Fear and love will make you easy to control
Cause we could do anything that we want
Just not everything all at once
And I think it keeps some up
Because we weigh the cost
It’s not worth it to even try

And I'm scared that I will bury this with time

We could never know true peace existing in this world
But I cannot go another day still lying to myself

Альбом Everything All At Once

Weathered - Everything All At Once

Дата релиза: 20.11.2020

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